Barrick BJJ is thrilled to start it’s latest program for Women’s Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Why Cardio Kickboxing?

The head instructor, Alexis Miller, a current practitioner and competitor at Barrick BJJ, will be coaching and running every class.

The classes will be available to women of all ages.

These classes will focus on strengthening your muscles and core for striking movement and endurance. Session by session, your coach will teach you how to tighten up your technique and feel more comfortable through light and vigorous circuits.


If you aren’t already taking any sort of fitness class that involves pushing your limits and working hard with others, this will be a beginner-friendly way to start your journey.

You can quickly burn over 600-800 calories per session in less than an hour. Workouts can be adjusted to your current fitness level and can easily be modified if there is a previous injury you’ve experienced or that is recurring.

Boost Confidence

Experience sessions that will test your limits and sometimes surpass the expectations that you thought you were capable of. We want you to feel confident and good about yourself physically.

Bag work, endurance, and toughness are all critical components of cardio kickboxing. All 3 of those will be expanded and improved within a few months of consistency in our program.

Family Environment

At Barrick BJJ, our current programs contain good partners with great attitudes. Our instructors will immediately rule out immature and vile attitudes at the gym.

We as a team strive to make each other better, and we understand intensity is a variable in fitness, but we will not allow anyone to cause any type of drama that directly impacts your positive experience at our gym. 


Our Cardio Kickboxing classes will provide a fun physical experience and a positive mindset that will help you excel in your daily activities before and after our classes.

Your Overall Safety

Working out daily will help boost confidence. Almost everything you will do will involve pad work, bag work, shadowboxing, and other types of circuit training.

Anything involving a partner will be very low on the intentional impact on your body.

Core training

Any type of practice with martial arts involves your core. This also involves our Cardio Kickboxing program. Working on your core is essential to help your balance, especially as you get older.

Many of our circuit workouts will help strengthen your core, gain balance, and tighten your overall waist over time.

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