Boxing classes are now available!

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Barrick BJJ is excited to announce the start of our boxing classes.

Head instructor Walter “Bud” Wilson has an impressive 25-4 record and has been coaching boxing, both adults, and kids, for many years.

Adult boxing Lessons

Classes are for men, women, and children.

Is your goal to get in the ring and test your skills? Want to learn boxing for self-defense purposes?  We can help you reach your goals. Full contact sparring is optional, so if you just want to learn how to box and get a great workout that’s fine too.

female boxer training

Just fill out the form below and specify you’re interested in boxing classes and we’ll get back with you shortly.

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Why Should You Take Our Boxing Classes?

Boxing is one of the most widely promoted fitness trends, but it tends to remain in the periphery – never quite fading out but not taking the world by storm. But thanks to some of the more recent boxing events it has managed to garner significant coverage in the media, and as such, boxing continues to gather support across the board.

Health Benefits of Boxing Lessons

As a sport, boxing requires very high levels of athletic prowess, and this involves strength, agility, speed, coordination, endurance, power, and nerve, just to name a few. This combination of skills and activities usually translates into hours of workouts and healthy eating and mental training. For the average person hoping to get in shape, there’s a lot to gain from joining a boxing class. Let’s review several mental and physical benefits of boxing training:

  1. Builds Power and Increases Muscles

    Boxing targets a lot of muscles without creating overly muscular physiques. When throwing a punch, the boxer must put their whole weight behind it, and that means the legs, hips, back, abs, shoulders, and arms working in tandem. The workout needed for this helps stabilize the body and create good posture.

  2. Reduces Stress

    Virtually all moderate-to-intense exercises can be used to manage and reduce stress. Boxing is a healthy way to vent mainly for people who work in high-stress environments every day. When training, you will transition between high-intensity workouts and moderate intensity recovery periods. Training boxing allows people to push themselves to the limit and the effort put into training means that majority of boxing students don’t have any space left for work-related stress or other concern.

  3. Improved Cardiovascular Health

    Cardio exercises are great for preventing heart disease and burning extra calories. Simple exercises such as punching, kicking, or jumping is used to place a moderate amount of stress on the heart and lungs so they can make physiological adaptations to support intense activity.

  4. Increases Self Confidence

    Studies show that when a person acquires a new skill and is competent at it, they are much more likely to experience self-confidence and think highly of themselves. By learning and becoming aware of a new skill, you are much more likely to be sure of yourself (high self-esteem) and value yourself more.

  5. Boxing Flattens your Belly

    Boxing is very taxing on the core because your hips have to rotate so as to get a better extension and deliver a more powerful punch. Training burns a lot of calories so you should be able to see a flat stomach soon.

  6. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

    Hand-eye coordination plays a significant role in some skills including motor skills. People with good hand-eye coordination tend to have superior reflexes and quick reaction time – and they also exhibit better physical coordination as a whole. Better coordination is helpful during aging, where coordination as a whole becomes a primary concern.

Boxing lessons are a great solution for a full-body workout that strengthens your mind, helps establish mental discipline, and also a large number of skills including balance and agility.