I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for almost two and a half years. I began to look for a place that could cater to my intensity and help me grow and improve my skills . I tried several schools in the area and worked with many great instructors and people. I was looking for a place where I felt comfortable as well as a place that would push me and help me reach my goals.

From the first time I stepped on the mat I was welcomed by a wonderful group of men and women. A group of people who not only cared and respected each other but a group of people who took time to help you learn and improve. It was the perfect environment for anyone to learn whether you were a beginner or advanced.

I was completely impressed with Professor Bryan Barrick. His simple yet technical approach to BJJ is extremely easy to follow. Focusing strongly on fundamentals but with a well thought out curriculum allowing everyone to learn whatever your level.

What moved me most about Professor Barrick was the time and care he gives each of his students on and off the mats. His care and appreciation for his students is remarkable. His leadership has helped and moved many of his students in positive ways. What I realized quickly was that I joined a family not just a team.