What I like about BJJ & Classes at Barrick Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu:

  • Confidence and sense of accomplishment that it gives to kids
  • That what is taught is more than just how to do it, it’s the whys and when it’s appropriate to use it
  • Kids are taught respect, self-control and other life lessons that make them better kiddos and future adults
  • Sense of family/community – everyone celebrates each other’s successes and is always encouraging/building each other up
  • Love the Saturday competition training…more one on one feel, deeper instruction
  • Being able to connect with other parents/people during classes
  • Seeing Rhyan grow and learn and then help other kiddos do the same as he learns

Barrick BJJ is a great place where kids, and adults, can connect with others while learning/developing their jiu-jitsu skills. Kids are taught respect, self-control, and other life lessons while training that will help them develop into successful adults. They not only learn the techniques but also the whys and when it’s appropriate to use. At Barrick BJJ there is an immediate sense of family/community. The team (both adults and kids) is constantly cheering on, encouraging, supporting and just being there for each other no matter how new to the classes you are. Being there during class also gives you opportunities to connect with other parents and the kids develop new friendships as well. As my son has grown and learned in his jiu-jitsu journey, I have watched as his confidence levels go up along with his sense of accomplishment. He not only enjoys doing jiu-jitsu but also helping other kids learn and grow as well.