Barrick BJJ is led by head instructor and 2nd-degree black belt Bryan Barrick.

We’ve been teaching children in the area for many years. Our focus is not just to teach your child a proven self defense system but also teach kids to take responsibility for their actions, respect others and be confident.

1. BJJ improves self confidence.


Learning how to defend yourself is a huge self confidence booster. In our classes the kids routinely train from what could be considered bad positions and situations. We don’t just practice forms in front of a mirror but practice with resistance in a safe and controlled manner, building confidence along the way.


2. BJJ increases fitness level.

Youth BJJ

An active lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Keeping kids active is very important. BJJ training enhances many different types of physical development such as motor skill development, balance, flexibility and a healthy cardio vascular system.


3. BJJ improves social skills.


I’ve seen many children and adults as well “come out of their shell” so to speak. Learning BJJ requires close training with partners. Partners must communicate during class in order to safely and properly develop their skills.

BJJ can offer your kids more than what typical sports can offer. Give your kids something they can actually “keep with them” wherever they go.