Barrick BJJ is run by Professor Bryan Barrick, Goshen’s first  black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Barrick BJJ is located at 427 W Pike St, Suite #2, Goshen. Behind Wallgreens and Bob Evans.


Private Lessons

How much is having the ability to defend yourself worth? How much would a personal trainer cost if you were to train with him just two times a week? What value do you place on being more healthy and fit? Our limited time special offer will give you the best training at the best price!


Wrong perception


Many people have the wrong impression of what we do. BJJ is a very practical martial art and applicable to any fitness level or age.


Intimidation Factor


This a factor for a lot of people. They want to start training but believe their too out of shape or just have the wrong impression of how we train. Let us at Barrick BJJ help you make the decision to start your BJJ training.   We’re  offering a fundamentals course at a great price that’s designed to safely ease you into the BJJ experience. We will not only teach you the basics of BJJ but also give you a taste of more advanced techniques as well.

Fundamentals classes for only $75 per month and if you sign up a free uniform!

We’re so sure you’ll like our classes you’re invited to try a week of classes for free just to make sure you like it!

Just fill out the form below or give us a call to get started.

Offer expires Jan. 1st 2017.