1. Respect for others


BJJ is practiced with a partner. This is a very interactive and social process. Some martial arts involve the majority of your time spent looking at yourself in the mirror practicing movements striving for perfection.  In BJJ you have to train with a partner. You see in BJJ your partner becomes just as important as YOU. You can’t train without them. You learn how to be mindful of their safety while training. You communicate and look out for each other. Simply put you learn to respect others.


2. Friendship and Camaraderie


This is bound to happen in the proper environment. It’s very rewarding as an instructor to see this happen . Even students with personality differences find common ground. I’ve met and trained with people from all over the world that I would’ve never met anywhere else if it wasn’t for BJJ. The friendships that are made are strong . You see, as you train and spar you’re counting on him or her to train with your safety in mind.


3. Self discipline and confidence


The process of learning BJJ and the techniques used starts with remembering them. Then we train our bodies to do what we want them to do. Eventually applying them during training sessions . As you continue to train you’ll become proficient in the techniques becoming confident in you skills.